The Worldwide Blogger Bake Off Challenge is Finished

Winner ‘Jayashree Mudaliar' and her winning recipe Almond and Raisin Bread Rolls.

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The Worldwide Blogger Bake Off Challenge

Feed Africa from the comfort of your own home kitchen. Now you can do your part to change the world and help end starvation in Africa. The Breadline Africa Worldwide Blogger Bake Off is a new campaign aimed at raising $1 Million in funds to alleviate poverty in Africa. Designed to connect caring people like you all over the world, this bake off gives you the power to make a real difference.

Converting Containers, Changing Lives

With your support, Breadline Africa can convert shipping containers into locations for food production and distribution. These sustainable community kitchens will not only provide foods such as bread and soup to those in need, but also opportunities for skills development within these poor communities.

See more about container conversions.

Why join? Other than the overwhelming sense of satisfaction from lending a helping hand, the new snazzy container kitchen could be named after you or your blog as well as a Amazon voucher worth $500.

Bake Bread - Give Dough - Feed Africa

There are various ways for you to get involved:

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Do you have a blog? Share your baking adventures with your readers and upload the bread recipe to the Media Centre to raise both funds and awareness.

Clumsy in the kitchen? Join our campaign to vote for your favourite recipes. Alternatively, simply make a donation to the Breadline Africa Worldwide Blogger Bake Off and join those helping to end hunger in Africa.

Why Bread?

From peanut butter toast and French baguettes to pitas and tried and tested whole-wheat, bread is a global staple food and a symbol of nutrition and sustenance throughout the ages. There are millions of people in Africa living below the breadline, and we're out to change that. Join the Worldwide Blogger Bake Off challenge, make a donation and help Breadline Africa to place community kitchens and gardens in desperate and needy communities.

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Top Recipes

  1. Almond and Raisin Bread Rolls
  2. Sarah's Rocking Bread
  3. Madeira Cake
  4. Cider Vinegar Bread
  5. Dumbledore's Lemon Bread
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