About A Plumber in Charlotte NC

Owning a plumbing company in Charlotte means that I have to work on homes and businesses. I have worked on a water heater in a large business, and I have got many items out of drains that should not have been in the plumbing system. One woman called me in the middle of the night concerning her well that cut off in the middle of the night. This wasn’t a drain cleaning job that I was used to dealing with. I went to the home and discovered that the well was so old that it needed to be completely replaced. The well had dried up, and there wasn’t enough pressure for the water to reach the home from the well. After calling another company, I was able to find someone who would install a new well for her that wouldn’t cost a lot of money. She was thankful for the work that was done. These are the jobs that make being a plumber charlotte nc rewarding as I know that there are some people who don’t have the money for large plumbing jobs.

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Dont Get Ripped Off By AC Repairs in Katy

After hiring so many untrustworthy air conditioner companies I finally found a real winner. A real diamond in the rough. I can’t say enough great things about this ac repair katy tx company that finally restored faith to the human race. If you only knew what I have been through you would know I’m not even exaggerating. Heres how Oscar and his team restored humanity too the doomed ac evil empire.

After having my pockets emptied and no fix on my ac in site. I hired Oscar as my last resort. Right off the bat I knew he was something special. He did something that baffled me. He actually started with the basics of ac diagnosing and put both air conditioners on and went in a few rooms to discover that the blower fan wasn’t working no air at all was coming threw. So he checked in my attic opened up the furnaces and found something burnt in both furnaces which was causing the problem. Simply amazing air conditioning 101. All other companies I hired never opened anything never even went into my attic. If your ac is busted up or not working call Tam AC and heating.

The Appliance Man AC & Heating
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How I was able to save big on houston air conditioning

air conditioning repair houston tx

If you are like me and are shopping for Houston air conditioning this summer then keep reading. I found a company who is not only offering the best pricing but is throwing in a few goodies too. I just bought a home and it’s about 10 years old, although that seams like not a very old home the ac unit is 10 years old. It was definitely starting to show when it seemed like the ac unit couldn’t keep up with the summer heat. I heard of Airbourne Air from a friend and while I already was going to use them what I saw on the home page was amazing!

They are giving away a free wi fi thermostat and a free air purifier when you buy a new air conditioner. I don’t know about you but to me that sounds very enticing. I don’t know any hvac company offering that kind of deal. Well David had someone come out the same week I called and installed the unit just a couple days later. I am so happy, it’s one of those tall ones that looks like it can make your home feel like Antarctica!

AirBourne Air Conditioning
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Finding a insulation contractor who wont let you down

Triple Seal Insulation
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It’s hard to find good help these days. It’s even harder when you need to find a reliable contractor who provides home remodeling services. My search began when I typed in insulation houston on the computer. I found a good amount of contractors there where some on the ppc ads, google places which is helpful showing your local contractors nearby and the search results just below Google Places. Before reading on I will tell you one thing if you no someone who has already hired a insulation contractor then that should be your first choice if not then read on.

insulation company

After calling a few and having a couple come out and give me an estimate, I still wasn’t completely sold. Or I just didn’t feel 100 percent about the bids I got. I decided instead of clicking on the top 3 listings I would scroll down to the bottom of the page. That’s when I found Triple Seal Insulation. The one thing I liked about these guys was I can tell that the owner Robert wasn’t trying to be too pushy or try to sell me. He listened to my concerns made some suggestions and I decided to have him come out.

What made Triple Seal Insulation different was they way the gave me the estimate and how he explained everything he would do step by step. He told me the differences between blown in insulation vs spray and others. So the thing that made me really pick these guys is their home insulation system. They have a way of doing things that no other contractor can provide. Not to mention the pricing was very competitive but not the cheapest. I was convinced I was getting the best insulation for my the price.